Husband made SDM of Studies, SDM Jyoti Maurya Biography

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Jyoti Maurya is an SDM officer working in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Life Story reminds me of Amitabh Bachchan’s film Sooryavansham. Just as in this film, a man makes his wife an IAS officer by being educated, in the same way, her husband Alok Maurya also helps his wife Jyoti Maurya to become an SDM officer by being educated. And now getting divorced from her husband, after knowing this story, came into the limelight on social media.

Jyoti Maurya secured the 16th position in the year 2015 exam. Since then K has been selected for PCS officer. After that, after becoming an SDM officer, she left her husband and started living in a relationship with another IAS officer Manish Dubey.

On coming to know about this, Alok Maurya complained about this, then he filed a dowry case against her for taking dowry. For this reason, it has become a lesson for today’s youth. Because of this, in the coming time, no person would like to stand for women’s urine.

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Husband made SDM of Studies, SDM Jyoti Maurya Biography

SDM Jyoti Maurya Biography

Jyoti Maurya Early Life and Marriage

Jyoti Maurya was born in Cherai village of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. He was born into a middle-class family. He was very fond of studying since childhood after his family attains the age of marriage, he starts looking for a girl for his marriage.

The search for Jyoti Maurya’s father ends in Jhalwa, a small village in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. At Akhilesh Maurya’s place, he works as a Class IV sweeper of a Panchayati Raj Department. Both the families liked this relationship and they got married on 19 December 2010.

Jyoti Maurya Education

Jyoti and Alok both accepted each other as husband and wife. After some time she tells her husband that I also want to study. He becomes very happy after listening to his wife and thinks that if his dream is not fulfilled then will fulfill his wife’s dream.

Thinking like this, Alok got his wife admitted to counseling coaching at a coaching institute in Prayagraj. After this, Alok told his wife Jyoti that you keep studying with honesty and hard work, apart from this, we will see the problem, there is nothing to worry about it, just study.

Jyoti Maurya’s husband Aalo used to work as a sweeper in the Pratapgarh district and whatever he earned from there he used to spend on his wife’s education. I did not let money become an obstacle.

Jyoti Moriya career

Alok worked hard to make his wife an officer. When the result of the 2015 UPPCS exam came, Jyoti Moriani had secured 16th rank in Uttar Pradesh. After which her husband and family members as well as the villagers were very happy.

Meanwhile, Jyoti Maurya gives birth to twin daughters. So more and more an atmosphere of happiness is created in their family. After that how are their postings done in different districts? Till now everything was going well in the life of both of them, that’s why Manish Dubey’s entry was happening in it.

Jyoti Maurya and Manish Dubey’s affair

In the year 2020, the details of PCS Mavli came to know that talks started with the District Commandant Home Guard posted in Ghaziabad. Due to this illegal relationship was formed. The relationship between the two developed during the executive.

However, in 2022, Alok came to know about the obscene talk between Jyoti and Manish on their Facebook account. Alok files a case against Jyoti. There was a lot of debate and Jyoti threatened the public and imprisonment.

SDM Jyoti Maurya Biography

On December 22, 2022, Alok caught Jyoti and home guard Manish Dubey red-handed at a hotel in Lucknow. But fearing to save his life, Alok ran away from there. Further, Alok was pressurized to accept divorce voluntarily or he was warned to pay the consequences inside the killing field. After that Jyoti also filed a false dowry case against Aalo in Dhumanganj police station and even falsely accused him of section 376 (rape).

SDM Jyoti Maurya Biography

Fatehabad Alok lodged a formal complaint with the Home Guard Headquarters alleging an affair with Jyoti and the Home Guard Commandant. He alleged that both of them were conspiring to harm us. Alok showed several WhatsApp chat and call recordings of Jyoti in which she can be heard threatening to kill him.

Process and counterclaims of Jyoti Moriya

Jyoti Maurya has told that she had misrepresented her money before marriage. They said we are a panchayat worker whereas, in reality, he was a sweeper. Based on this secret, Jyoti made up her mind to divorce Alok. Alok will also be accused of having an account on WhatsApp and making the chat viral. Jyoti also said that Alok is demanding Rs 50 lakh and a car from me.

There is a strong reaction on social media

Ever since Alok Maurya and Jyoti Maurya’s case came to the fore, the public has been expressing their anger towards Jyoti Maurya on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. And are demanding the removal of Jyoti Maurya from her post. People are giving it the name of infidelity and they are showing sympathy towards Alok Maurya and anger towards Jyoti. On social media, people are reacting by making different mimes.

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